Ironing Tips

Ironing tip — how to iron trousers

Every time you iron, it’s the same old story — as soon as you see a pair of trousers, you start to panic. You often end up with creases and seams in all the wrong places and iron marks everywhere, until you just give up in the hope that you’ll do better next time! If you dream of one day being able to wear a perfectly-ironed pair of trousers, then follow our tips.

Iron trousers

Tips for simple yet effective ironing

The first thing you should know is that, whatever you’re ironing, a soleplate that’s clogged with limescale will leave marks and stick to the fabric. So for perfectly-ironed trousers, you first need to ensure that your steam iron is clean. Next, to avoid shine marks on linen pants and suit trousers, cover them with a sheet (or kraft paper) for zero iron shine and perfect pleats.

Iron your trousers one section at a time. Start with the pockets (by turning them inside out and placing them flat on the ironing board), then do the waistband and lastly the legs. Follow the advice on the label – your iron needs to be cooler for suit trousers than for a pair of jeans! And finally, learn how to use the steam function. It’s there to help you smooth out creases, so you don’t need to keep it held down all the time. Some irons even work vertically, which is very handy if you do a lot of ironing.