Invasion of the savoury waffles! Young and old, they’ll all be wowed…

Waffles – yum! You’d be positively lost without your King Size waffle maker! And while the kids never seem to tire of those with chocolate, you quite fancy a change… So why not try out some savoury waffles?! Here are a few nifty recipes for savoury waffles that even the kids will adore.

 savoury waffles

An endless variety

Whether as a starter, a snack or a main dish, savoury waffles are set to become your best friend! They’re perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner, an evening buffet or a quick lunch. And to make sure you never get bored, you can alternate between two methods – waffles with savoury toppings, and waffles with the ingredients mixed directly into the batter. Either way, the result is guaranteed to be absolutely delicious!

Pesto, ham, grated courgette, fresh herbs, plus any diced vegetable you fancy can be added to your recipes. And for the batter itself, you can choose between cow’s or plant milk, spelt or wholemeal flour and so on.  Real foodies will tell you that savoury waffles are even more delicious if you add a little cheese such as cheddar, Red Leicester or Edam. And don’t forget that potato waffles, made from a mixture of grated potatoes and ordinary waffle batter, are always a hit with the kids.