Ingenio utensils: an amazing product – the Ingenio Box Grater

Highly popular and incredibly practical, the Ingenio range of utensils make great cooking aids, whatever the recipe.

One essential gadget is the double-sided grater. An innovative, patented grater that’s specially designed to make your life easier.



With its reversible sides, you can finely or coarsely grate cheese, citrus fruit, spices or chocolate with a single utensil, all with zero fuss and in total safety!

And because the Ingenio range really is ingenious, this grater has an integrated storage compartment that allows you to empty its contents directly into your dish or mixture.

No more need to hold the grater over your dishes to add your favourite ingredients!

Ingenio products are even simple to care for! All products are designed to be easy to clean and therefore to last longer! The double-sided grater opens out completely so that you can get into all the corners.