Infiny juice: stay young and dynamic despite your age

Whatever your age, a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables will give you energy as well as the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Thanks to Color Therapy, the use of your juice extractor no longer holds any secrets from you. So, you have perfectly mastered fruit juices? Now try them combined with vegetables, to bring you even more goodness!


Fruit and vegetable juices, true magic potions

Carrot: you already know that the colour orange forms an essential part of your cooking. This is down to using oranges full of vitamin C, as well as carrots. Carrot juice is an excellent source of vitamin A, and above all, it is easy to digest. It provides vitamins B, C, D, E, G, and K while simplifying digestion, and is also consumed for the potassium and sodium it contains.

Beetroot: adds its radiant colour to all your juices, but does much more than that. It is recommended that you drink it regularly, particularly for its beneficial effects on red blood cells.

Celeriac juice: in addition to a delicious taste which blends perfectly with carrots, it is recommended for its sodium content and its alcalising function.

Cucumber juice: an excellent diuretic, it is also perfect in all types of juices thanks to its water content. It can be combined with numerous fruits. Try cucumber-kiwi juice, for example!

Spinach juice: one of the stars of health juices. You can combine it with carrot, but also apple and/or kiwi. It is recommended when you want to cleanse your body and help it to restart, or as a springtime cure, for example.

Thanks to your juices, you can combine healthy cooking with creativity, while benefiting every day from the nutritional benefits of fresh, seasonal foods full of goodness. Say yes to Color Therapy!