Ideas for delicious, quinoa-based recipes

Quinoa in all its many forms is gaining in popularity, and is perfect as a side dish, a salad, or for adding a touch of originality to any classic dish. It’s simple to cook and goes with almost anything, making this little health powerhouse  an invitation to get as creative as you like.


Incorporate quinoa into all your favourite dishes!

Quinoa is delicious whether served hot or cold. Cold, it can be mixed with chopped tomatoes, red peppers and fresh herbs to make a kind of tabbouleh salad. Hot, the possibilities are almost endless! Why not simply replace all your wheat-based staples with quinoa? Served as a side dish, it gives instant pizzazz to any classic stew or curry. And if left to simmer for a long time over a low heat, quinoa can be made into a delicious vegetable risotto—made even more divine when topped with a drizzle of truffle oil.

And if you want to keep everyone happy, don’t be afraid to invent your own veggie-burger recipes. Quinoa is perfect for making delicious vegetarian croquettes and burgers – simply mix with mashed chickpeas or gram flour and a few herbs and spices, and even the hardiest of meat-eaters will be clamouring for more! For those with a sweet tooth, quinoa flour is an excellent gluten-free alternative for making cookies, breads and feather-light cakes that will wow everyone with their deliciously subtle flavour of hazelnuts. Quinoa can also be used in place of rice, and is even available as a plant milk!