Iced Coffee

Ah, the delicious aroma of fresh coffee in the morning! Without your coffee maker, you’d hardly be able to open your eyes or put one foot in front of the other! And your daytime coffee break is always a moment of pure pleasure, whether you are. But when the warm weather comes, you need something to cool you down. And because nothing could ever tempt you to give up your daily coffee, now’s the time to drink it chilled, iced or frozen!

Iced Coffee

Get into café frappé mode

Though often compared with iced tea, café frappé is much more than just cold coffee – it’s a positive taste sensation! There’s no shortage of recipes and methods for making a good café frappé, but they all have one thing in common – you need to use a good-quality coffee. Just as for tea, poor-quality coffee will be an inevitable disappointment (whether hot or cold!) The most popular recipe for iced coffee involves mixing instant coffee, sugar, a little water and lots of ice in a shaker. But there’s nothing to stop you inventing your own recipe! Why not add some milk to an espresso and whizz it all in the blender with some ice, for all the taste of a café latte in one long, cool drink?

Purists prefer their café frappé made from ground coffee mixed with water and left to brew for at least 12 hours. This takes a bit of patience, but produces a stronger-tasting drink. Don’t forget to filter before serving – use a sieve with a coffee filter inside, to prevent even the tiniest grains from getting through. Add ice cubes and enjoy – you’ve earned it!