In honour of the World Cup: green and yellow cocktails

It’s World Cup time again, and in order to celebrate the occasion properly you’ve invited all your friends around to watch the match together. The evening looks set to be filled with laughter and excitement, so get ready with some Brazilian specialities, such as feijoada, and some green and yellow cocktails in honour of the host country!

Wow your friends with some World Cup cocktails!

Cocktails V & JThere are two alcoholic cocktails* in particular that combine the green and yellow of Brazil.

To make the first, fill some champagne flutes with 10 cl of exotic fruit juice plus a mixture of 15 ml of dark rum and 15 ml of curaçao liqueur. Curaçao is actually blue but it quickly turns green, especially when mixed with a brownish alcohol like dark rum.

Another well-known and much-loved cocktail is the “Bob Marley”, which can easily be adapted for the occasion. Slowly pour 5 cl of mint liqueur over the back of a spoon into a shot glass (this helps to keep the layers separate). Then add 5 cl of dark rum, and flambé! This cocktail is best drunk through a straw and is sure to be the highlight of your themed evening.

Of course, you can also make alcohol-free green and yellow cocktails. Pour some banana juice into a large glass, add some ice cubes made from a mixture of water and green food colouring, and place a slice of star fruit on the rim of each glass. Or mix a teaspoon of lime juice into a glass of kiwi juice, then decorate with a mini skewer of sliced bananas.

And don’t forget the Brazilian cocktail parasols!

* Alcohol-based cocktails should be consumed in moderation