What is healthy eating ? It all depends on where you’re from…

There isn’t just one type of health cuisine, but lots of them ! Whether curative or preventative, health cuisine is first and foremost about helping us to eat better, with less sugar, less saturated fat and more vegetable protein. But there are as many different trends as there are countries and cultures. Here’s why…

Healthy eating

Healthy eating around the world

We’ve all heard of the famous Mediterranean diet, which has taken the world by storm! Based on vegetables, fish and olive oil, it has the major advantage of avoiding sugar and refined products. Other countries have also opted to make healthy eating synonymous with seafood. In Japan, for example, raw fish, shellfish and seaweed are the main components of a diet that almost totally eliminates sweet foods and encourages people to eat lots of animal and vegetable proteins.

Many countries are now turning towards an all-vegetable diet, with health cuisine in the big cities of Europe and the USA now based on grains, vegetables, superfoods and vegetable proteins. Nevertheless, health cuisines around the world all have certain features in common – they tend to play with different colours, herbs and spices, and to focus on cooking methods that require zero fat and retain vitamin and mineral content. A far cry from the restrictive diets of old, today’s health cuisine has become a fun way to take care of your health – wherever you live !