Healthy Cooking

Healthy cooking: cooking with a peanut allergy

An allergy to peanuts may, on the surface of it, seem easier to live with than an allergy to gluten or dairy. You just need to avoid peanuts! Unfortunately, it’s not so simple, because peanut oil is now found in a wide variety of recipes and products – from granary bread to soup, sweets to margarine, and even in some sliced meats. Here are a few tips, to ensure that you eat well and stay safe at the same time.

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Go for homemade every time

Knowing exactly what’s gone into each dish means you can eat without worrying. For things like cakes and pastries, peanut oil can easily be replaced with rapeseed oil which also has a fairly mild flavour, while olive oil can be used in your savoury recipes. At lunchtime, opt for homemade sandwiches and salads. And why not invest in a bread machine? That way, you can be absolutely certain that the wheat flour you’re using doesn’t pose a risk to your health.

Dairy products such as cheese are a risk-free way to perk up your meals. You could invite everyone round for a raclette, teaming melted cheese with slices of ham or chicken, eggs, and steamed veg such as carrots and turnips. You certainly won’t feel like you’re missing out! If you prefer sweet to savoury, why not start making your own yoghurt or trying out different chocolate cake recipes with the kids? And of course, you can experiment with all the different smoothies to your heart’s content!