All the goodness of homemade yogurt

The whole family loves homemade yogurt! They even have it for breakfast, and everybody has their own favourite flavour. Because the variety is almost endless! Here are a few delicious and original homemade yogurt recipes.


Homemade yogurt recipes they’ll all be after!

In your house, you hardly have time to put the yogurt maker back in the cupboard before it’s out again! But you do sometimes find yourself lacking in inspiration to find a change from the same old strawberry jam, chocolate and vanilla yogurts. To start with, how about experimenting with the basic ingredient of your yogurt – the milk itself? Try making dairy-free yogurt using oat milk, soya milk or one of the many nut butters available.

As for flavours, surprise your family and friends with a daring dash of spice such as cinnamon, ginger or allspice, or with a flower essence such as jasmine, rose or violet. Some of these flavourings are available in syrup form. For kids, the latest craze in homemade yogurt is to serve it with their favourite sweets – they’ll soon be clamouring for more! And finally, there’s nothing to beat yogurt with locally-produced, seasonal fruit. As the year goes by, make some of the fruit you have to hand into a puree or jam that you can then swirl into your yogurt. You’ll save time and money and still manage to wow your family!