The 10 Golden Rules for a Balanced Diet

Golden Rules for Healthy Eating #7 – vary your proteins

It’s recommended that we each consume between 100 and 150 g of protein a day. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat red meat at every meal ! Protein works best if it comes from different sources – fish, white meat, vegetable protein – the choice is endless.

Golden rules 7

Variety, taste, originality

It’s vital to get pleasure from your food. Don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like just because they contain protein. There are sure to be lots of other protein-rich foods that you do like, and that will keep you both healthy and happy ! If you can, buy fish once or twice a week (or more). Whether filleted and dry fried in your non-stick frying pan, or cubed and steamed in your Vitacuisine, fish has everything going for it ! So why not try out this new recipe for salmon carpaccio with lemon and dill ?

The decision between red or white meat is a matter of personal preference, since both contain protein. Avoid dishes that are too rich, though, plus things like chicken skin and the fat on steak. Opt for healthy cooking techniques such as the grill or plancha, that can be used for a vast range of recipes. And finally, don’t forget vegetable proteins – tofu, seitan, tempeh, grains, and even green vegetables like curly kale are all excellent sources of protein that you can eat either hot or in a salad. In other words, get creative !