The 10 Golden Rules for a Balanced Diet

Golden rules n°6 - 2

Golden Rules for Healthy Eating #6

Give carbs the green light !

How ? Simply by varying them, and by limiting the portions. Wholemeal bread and rice, spelt pasta, quinoa – there are so many healthy and delicious recipes around that you’ll never get bored. The golden rule is to consume them in moderate quantities but every day. Golden rules n°6 - healthy

Get creative and experiment !

Get creative at mealtimes by experimenting with different cereals and grains. While it’s obviously not a good idea to eat a plateful of macaroni cheese just before bedtime, there’s no need to deny yourself a small portion of tasty carbs with your lunch or dinner. Invent your very own vegetable risottos, pep up your rice with different herbs and spices, and explore the possibilities of other grains such as couscous, millet, red quinoa and (gluten-free !) cornflour pastry. These days, the variety is almost endless.

And if you fancy some carbs for breakfast, why not treat yourself to some delicious granary bread, to a bowl of muesli with fruit and oat milk, or to a dish of rice pudding ?

Cooking tip : Don’t forget that the lower a food’s glycemic index (GI), the better it is for your health. Make toast part of your daily diet, and eat your pasta al dente !