The 10 Golden Rules for a Balanced Diet

Golden Rules for Healthy Eating #10: sit down to eat!

OK, you can always think of a good reason to eat standing up – in front of your computer, in the kitchen between your newspaper and the kids’ homework, and so on and so on… The problem is, speedy eating doesn’t mean healthy eating – far from it! So to get your eating back on track and rediscover the feeling of fullness, here are a few tips.


Savour, share and enjoy!

Even if you’re eating alone, it’s vital to spend a few minutes preparing the table nicely – you’ll appreciate the meal more and will feel like you’re treating yourself. Needless to say, when the whole family’s round, the most important thing is to share quality time together. The solution is to get everything prepared in advance, so that you can then relax and make the most of it.

Once you’re sitting down, savour your food. That includes taking the time to identify the different flavours in each dish and to chew your food properly, putting your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. You’ll feel full quicker, and may even realise that you don’t need a second helping – on the contrary! Avoid using large bowls and plates and instead serve smaller portions on some pretty tableware that really sets off all of your dishes, from your salad starter to that homemade dessert they all love!