Lait de chèvre 2

Goat’s milk – why not try something different ?

If you drink a lot of cow’s milk, then the taste and nutritional qualities of goat’s milk should appeal to you. Easier to digest than cow’s milk, and rich in vitamins A and B3, goat’s milk is a winner with young and old alike !

Lait de chèvre

Full of goodness and a treat for the tastebuds

While people often talk about goat’s milk, we shouldn’t forget sheep’s milk too. Both are similar to cow’s milk, but with a more pronounced flavour, and they are especially well-suited to anyone who’s intolerant to cow’s milk. But the real bonus of goat’s milk is the vitamins and minerals it contains – calcium, zinc, vitamin B and phosphorus, making it the perfect addition to your daily diet! It’s also recommended for its protein content, so is especially suitable for children and elderly people.

Goat’s and sheep’s milk are available both as they are and in the form of different yoghurts, cheeses and desserts.

Cooking tip : Don’t worry if goat’s milk is too strong for you, because the taste disappears when it’s boiled or used to make things like cakes and pancakes. So why not try it out and invent some brand new recipes ?