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Get inspired with Proflex! Discover a whole variety of recipes for all the family

Ever since your best friend discovered the Proflex range, they’ll hardly leave the kitchen! It’s inspired them to try out loads of new sweet and savoury recipes that have got the whole family clamouring for more! Needless to say, you’ve also fallen in love with this highly practical range and would love to start impressing your loved ones too. So here are a few recipes that are totally foolproof thanks to those new silicon moulds of yours.


Simple, delicious recipes for savoury dishes and sweet treats

The first thing that springs to mind when anyone mentions the huge Proflex range is cakes! And it’s true that it would be a shame to deprive yourself, given how easy everything is thanks to your silicon moulds. Feeling in need of some inspiration? The whole family will love desserts make using fresh, seasonal fruit – pear bavarois, strawberry, apple or peach tart, banana cake, you name it! And for the kids, what could be more delicious than homemade cookies, muffins or those much-loved brownies?

But your Proflex moulds are also highly versatile, and adapt easily to all your savoury recipes. Summer vegetable tarts, chicken and vegetable terrine, or tomato, mozzarella and basil loaf can all be eaten either hot or cold, as a meal or cut into slices for a buffet – not to mention being perfect for picnics! And if you’re the proud owner of some Proflex choco moulds, you’ll love inventing a whole variety of lollipops and deliciously colourful bonbons using chocolate, strawberries and dried fruit.