Have fun cooking with the kids!

If cooking is one of your passions, then we’re pretty certain you want to share your culinary creativity with your children – especially when it comes to desserts! That’s why we’ve set out to give you lots of ideas for having fun with all the family, while giving them your taste for the good things in life.


Fun-shaped cakes: a must for family baking!

Whether it’s a birthday party, a special occasion or simply because it’s Sunday and you deserve a treat, you can use a silicon cake mould in the shape of a teddy bear, castle, animal or heart to make a chocolate or marble sponge that you can all then decorate together. Cupcakes are another must and can be adapted to your children’s tastes. You can choose the flavours, colours and toppings together, for mini treats that are 100% girly or tailor-made for little boys!

Let’s make the most of this weekend to all get cooking together!

What could be better than taking the time to all cook together on a Sunday morning? Thanks to the Creative Animal Pancake range, you can not only teach them how to make pancake batter but also ask get them to invent great toppings using chocolate sauce, dessicated coconut, diced fruit and so on. And why not take pictures of your most stunning creations, to keep as really nice souvenirs?