A frying pan in the oven? Yes, you can!

You love your little kitchen, but you simply can’t fit anything else in – the cupboards are fit to burst! And since you enjoy preparing tasty dishes for all the family, you’re constantly on the lookout for nifty ideas that will free up some space in the kitchen. The Ingenio Easy range would appear to be made for you!


From hob to oven in a flash

Use just one pan to make your famous upside-down apple tart? It’s like a dream come true! And yet Tefal’s Ingenio Easy range helps you do just that. Just imagine – you make your caramel in the frying pan, add your peeled apples, brown them slightly, then simply unclip the handle and put the pan in the oven! Just 15 minutes later, you can put your pastry on top and place the pan back in the oven for the final part of the cooking process (20 minutes at 220°C).

You can use it for any number of sweet or savoury dishes, and it saves on both space and washing-up time! Stick your pan-fried chicken under the oven grill for a few minutes to give it a lovely golden crust. Pan fry your gnocchi in some tomato sauce with a little garlic, then cover with a layer of cheese and pop under the grill. You’ll keep all your fellow foodies happy, and you’ll never tire of a pan that’s this practical and compact! And, needless to say, the magic handle of your Ingenio Easy frying pan can also be used with the other pans in the range.