Halloween 2

A frightfully delicious Halloween !

Halloween is a time-old tradition that everyone loves ! It’s a chance for young and old alike to get dressed up and enjoy some typically Halloween dishes.


Be as wacky and garish as possible

Halloween is a time to pull out all the stops! Your food should try to reflect the ghoulish theme and be as garish as possible, with orange and black and anything made from pumpkin or squash the order of the day. Get some Halloween paper cups and plates, and sculpt your largest pumpkin into a Jack-o’-Lantern.

If you’ve invited all your friends round, go for dishes that are easily shared – pumpkin loaf, spicy pumpkin soup and goat’s cheese and pumpkin pie are all simple yet colourful dishes that everyone will love. However, Halloween is first and foremost a sweet-toothed festival. So while the kids are terrifying the neighbours, the grown-ups can indulge! Both muffins and cupcakes are perfect, so long as you’re creative with the decorations – use icing, marzipan and various food colourings to cover your cakes with spiders, skulls, mummies and ghosts!

Cooking tip : Make mini orange-coloured chocolate lollipops, or macaroons decorated with tiny chocolate spiders’ legs and sugar-ball eyes. Scare factor guaranteed!