Food conservation: lunchbox tips and tricks

So you too have decided to take up the trend for healthy food at the office! And to do so, you’ve kitted yourself out with everything you need to keep your food perfectly fresh and protected during transport – airtight boxes designed to be taken anywhere that preserve all your dishes, whether in the fridge or the freezer.  Here are a few tips for tasty lunches packed with goodness.

Visuel Storage

The big freeze!

Rather than buying ready-made meals, what could be better than a homemade lunchbox full of healthy ingredients? It’s sure to be well-balanced and provide you with all the taste without containing too much fat or salt. But of course, you can’t spend two hours in the kitchen every night. What’s the answer? To make your dishes using fresh produce and freeze them.

In order to retain all the nutritional goodness of your ingredients, you need to follow a few simple rules. Pay attention to the quality of your containers. They must be completely airtight so that your meals don’t dry out while they’re in the fridge or freezer. Air is your main enemy when it comes to preserving food, so expel it before closing your container.

Get super organised, with lunchboxes that vary with the seasons.

When it comes to getting organised, you’ll find you just need to adopt a few good habits. Label your airtight containers to ensure you eat the oldest dishes first. Make up different sizes of boxes so that you can take them straight to work without having to transfer the contents!  And our top tip? Wet the lid of your frozen container before opening it, to stop it losing its shape and airtightness. And needless to say, don’t forget to open the valve or remove the lid before heating up your lunchbox in the microwave!