First Birth2

Your first child – really useful gadgets and appliances

The day you’ve long awaited will soon be here – the birth of your first child! Your baby will arrive with its own little temperament and personality, and its own requirements in terms of gadgets and appliances. Tefal is here to help you take your first steps as parents and to make daily life easier, giving you more time to spend with your baby.


Appliances that make your life easier

The thing you need most when a baby arrives, is time! For the first few weeks or even months, at mealtimes you’ll need to cut to the chase. To ensure that cooking doesn’t become a nightmare and that you maintain a healthy, balanced diet, opt for user-friendly and health-promoting appliances such as a steamer, a pressure cooker  and/or a juice extractor. These will all save you precious hours in the kitchen, giving you and your baby more time to enjoy each other.

And because babies grow up fast, you also need to be ready for their first mini meals. If anyone asks what you’d like as a gift, suggest a hand blender, a food processor or a vegetable chopper. You’ll love the time saved in preparing your little one’s soups, smoothies and purees.