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First baby: go for products that simplify your life

These last few weeks, you’ve been carefully preparing for the arrival of your first baby. Determined to make the most of those precious first weeks and months, you’ve already got everything planned. But one thing you really must think through beforehand is how you’re going to feed everyone, baby included! Here are a few tips to make your life easier.


Gadgets and appliances that save you time

The thing you’ll want most once baby arrives is time – precious moments to spend with your baby or to grab forty winks! For your meals, and those of your child later on, nothing beats a steam cooker for healthy, fat-free dishes with all the vitamins and minerals locked in. Perfect for meat, fish or vegetables, your steam cooker will quickly become your best friend!

And since preparing baby’s first meals should be a pleasure rather than a chore, equip yourself with a user-friendly set of pans. The Ingenio Easy range, for example, enables you to go from hob to oven to table using a single container. And you’ll love how easy cooking becomes, thanks to those detachable handles!

Finally, invest in a pressure cooker with an easy opening and closing system, so that you can cook all your vegetables in a flash. Your baby’s potatoes, carrots and green beans will be ready in the blink of an eye! Make things simple, and enjoy every moment with your child to the utmost!