Filter coffee – it’s the in thing!

Filter coffee has been called many things, many of them not so complimentary. But that’s all changed, because for some time now people have started saying good things about filter coffee – and even singing its praises! Coffee lovers and enthusiasts have managed to restake their claim on filter coffee, with the result that it now leads the field. Here’s a recap of what’s so great about a beverage that’s been denigrated for far too long.


Only filter coffee can do justice to a coffee’s full spectrum of aromas

Coffee lovers and professionals all agree that nothing beats filter-made for bringing out all the different aromas in a coffee. Just as with a great wine, they savour their filter coffee and try to pick out all the different flavour notes that go to make it up.

It’s a trend that’s just beginning! Apart from the coffee shops springing up practically everywhere, restaurant chefs are also gradually getting in on the act by putting filter coffee on their menus. If you want to make the most of your home-brewed coffee, nothing beats buying it in grains (to be stored in a dark place, as opposed to the fridge) and grinding it yourself. And don’t forget the professionals’ advice to dampen the filter first. If you take a close look at your coffee grounds, you’ll notice lots of tiny bubbles. It’s these that contain all the aroma and that turn your morning coffee into that amazing taste sensation!