Experience the Rio Olympics with your kids, and make it tasty!

This summer’s Rio Olympics will be in every home from 5 to 21 August 2016, with the whole family cheering for their national teams. To turn it into a proper celebration that both young and old will remember with delight, why not take the opportunity of cooking together as a family? Make mealtimes fun and enjoy yourself!

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Your children will love supporting their national teams

The Olympic Games are a special time that everyone loves, and your kids will want to join in too. But the party wouldn’t be complete without sharing a big meal in front of a live or recorded broadcast of one of your favourite events. A few hours or even the day before, get together in the kitchen to prepare a colourful meal as a tribute to Games host Brazil, with lots of yellow and green to set the tone!

Resonate to the colours of Brazil!

Have fun together looking for green and yellow ingredients to make a large salad – lettuce, sweetcorn, yellow pepper, cucumber, avocado, grilled courgette… the choice is endless!  And if you fancy a TV dinner, go for small portions of fun foods – kebabs, homemade mayonnaise, slices of banana and kiwi dipped in chocolate, and dishes of green-apple sorbet.  And there’s nothing to stop you breaking off for a quick sack race, or getting out the Trivial Pursuit questions so that you can get up to speed on all of the previous Olympics!