Everyone’s dippy for dips!

It’s the weekend at last! You’ve invited all your friends round for a drink, and they already know that at your place everything’s homemade. So don’t disappoint them and make sure you stay leader of the snack pack, by revealing your ultimate weapon – homemade dips! Fresh and full of colour and flavour, they’re sure to add some extra zest to the evening.

Everyone’s dippy for dips!

So many dips, so little time!

Your friends will be here in a few hours for that long-awaited get-together. It’s time to get out the blender and start strutting your stuff! The principle of dips is quite simple – you team a colourful “mix and match” of sauces, mousses and pâtés with a variety of raw vegetable sticks. The vegetables should be sliced at the last minute, to keep them as fresh as possible, while your dips are patiently waiting in the fridge.
Once your guests have arrived, it’s time to unveil the results. Next to your famous iced tea, place your delicious sauces on the table in a selection of pretty, coloured bowls. Guacamole with baby sweetcorn; fromage frais, lemon and chive dip with carrot sticks; tuna and caper pâté with mini blinis; and olive and sundried-tomato tapenade with breadsticks. One by one, your guests’ eyes will widen and the compliments abound! The only drawback is that you won’t be able to make the most of any leftovers, because it will all be gone by the end of the evening!