Enhance your talent!

When it comes to cooking, what you most want are appliances and utensils that are 100% practical and multi-purpose. From the Fresh Express, that slices and grates everything quickly and easily, to the Cuisine Companion that simplifies your life while helping you to prepare delicious meals, Tefal has something for every food lover!


Prefer to keep your cooking simple?

Just because an appliance is multifunction doesn’t mean it will let you down when you want to cook something a bit more elaborate. And the Cuisine Companion is here to prove it! With its cook, slow-cook, steam, mix, fry and whisk functions, you’ll discover the joys of using an appliance that’s as good at making soup in a jiffy as it is for whipping up some of those inimitable custard slices that all the family raves about!


And don’t worry – you don’t need a diploma in cooking to make the most of your Fresh Express, for example. The main purpose of a multifunction appliance is to keep you happy! Whether you’re into haute cuisine or are a keen advocate of 100% healthy cooking, you’ll love being able to vary your meals as much as you like. Thanks to your super-efficient multifunction appliances, you’ll actually spend more time in the kitchen – but for good reason! You’ll want to try out new recipes and discover the joys of cake-making, while at the same time saving on cupboard space! Looking for an idea for a smart house-warming gift? Look no further!