Dinner Idea - 2

Dinner idea : open fire on the plancha!

A plancha is now a must-have item for dinner parties and family get-togethers. But did you know that, far from being a recent invention, the plancha has been around since the 19th century, when the Spanish started used it for cooking on religious festivals ? Just as user-friendly today, the plancha looks unlikely to ever go out of fashion !

Dinner idea plancha

The indispensable plancha

The word ‘plancha’ refers to both the device itself and the specific cooking technique associated with it. The idea is simple – the very high cooking temperature (270°) means that all the flavours of your food are sealed in. In fact, planchas have pretty much everything going for them, because they are also extremely versatile in terms of the range of dishes they can be used to make.

Lacking in inspiration ? Why not put the meat to one side and opt for fish or seafood instead ? Tuna steak, mussels and squid are just some of the ingredients that are perfect for plancha cooking. And if there’s one dish that can be adapted almost endlessly, it’s kebabs. A seafood plancha consisting of prawn skewers and salmon kebabs is sure to win the day ! One practical and tasty tip is to marinate your meat and fish before cooking, to make it even more delicious and tender ! And young and old alike will love your homemade mayonnaise – the perfect accompaniment to red or white meat.