The delicious aroma of coffee – smells that make you happy!

How could you start the day without your beloved coffee?! It’s so vital that you’ve chosen a coffee maker that’s both effective and super quick – the Express coffee maker. Not only does it prepare your morning coffee in a flash, it even lets you select the strength, from light to very strong for when you need a bit of a jolt first thing! And there’s an almost endless array of coffee tastes and smells to choose from.


As any coffee lover will tell you, smell and taste are inseparable

As you know, not all coffees smell or taste the same. We talk of the aroma of a coffee when we encompass the two elements of smell and taste. A coffee’s aroma may be floral, fruity or spicy. A floral coffee has a smell reminiscent of flowers such as roses, jasmine or orange flowers. This floral note is associated with some of the best-quality coffees. Spicy coffees, with hints of cinnamon or ginger, are less common and much sought-after by coffee lovers.

A coffee’s smell depends on where it was grown but also on the quality of the grains, among other things. Fruity coffees are generally very popular, with a smell reminiscent of fruit or berries and a sensation in the mouth of ripe fruit. And finally, the most popular coffee of all is undoubtedly mild coffee, which is fruity with hints of chocolate and caramel and a mild flavour. It’s a well-balanced coffee that helps you start your day on a light note.