Pita Chips

Homemade crisps with your pre-dinner drink?

Not for you those packets of salty, greasy, shop-bought crisps! Before dinner or served with meat, you prefer light, oven-roasted crisps made from fruit and vegetables. Easy to make, easy to digest and highly colourful, they have everything going for them!

Crisps with your pre-dinner drink OK but make sure they’re homemade!

So moreish

Once you start on the crisps, you just can’t stop! So your solution is to make your own healthy varieties. And now that you know you can roast them in the oven, you’ve started inviting people round every week!  Iced tea , dips  and crisps – all 100% homemade in your own kitchen. And far from sticking to potato crisps, you go for the original and the colourful – celery, beetroot, carrot, parsnip and even banana, there’s simply no stopping you! Want to surprise your guests? Then make your crisps from one of the varieties of purple potato that are now available.

For extra thin and tasty crisps that roast uniformly, your best weapon is a slicer. Put the crisps on a baking tray,  then place in a 180° oven for 20 to 25 minutes (checking regularly). If you like, you can drizzle with a little olive oil before roasting. And to make your crisps even tastier, get out the spices! A dash of curry powder, cumin or turmeric (or cinnamon for the bananas), will make your crisps even crunchier and really wake up your taste buds!