Cordless ironing

It’s high time you said goodbye to that rickety old iron and to all those endless hours spent slaving over sheets and shirts in a desperate attempt to render them vaguely presentable! So why not go really modern with a cordless iron? Highly practical and powerful, the Tefal Freemove is set to change your life!

Cordless Ironing

Results as good as a corded 2400W iron

You don’t have to sacrifice power for user-friendliness! Just because your new iron is cordless doesn’t mean it can’t cope with that mountain of sheets and T-shirts that’s gradually mounted up in the cupboard! On the contrary, it’s as reliable, powerful and effective as any corded iron in its category, but with the added bonus of total freedom! Gone are the days when you had to be a contortionist to iron your sheets properly, and thanks to the steam function you can be sure of perfect results every time.

And because time is too precious for unplanned stoppages, your Freemove cordless iron recharges itself in record time. There’s barely time to smooth out your next garment on the ironing board to stop it creasingwhen, hey presto, you’re ready for the off again!

It’s your turn to discover how simple and effortless ironing can be!