Cooking tip for cocktail parties, toast it - 2

Cooking tip : for cocktail parties, toast it!

There’s nothing complicated about creating the perfect buffet or drinks party ! Our cooking tip for the day is to use your toaster to make light yet delicious snacks that will surprise, delight and satisfy all your guests.

Cooking tip for cocktail parties, toast it

Toasted and light

Colourful, original and fun, your friends all love your drinks parties for the huge array of healthy, homemade offerings – your vegetable crisps, your dips with their vegetable sticks, and your unmissable toasted canapés. And now, armed with your toaster, you’ve decided to provide an entire buffet of tasty, crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth titbits that are sure to be the highlight of the evening !

Your guests have arrived and you nip into the kitchen for a few minutes to make your toasted canapés. If possible, toast your bread at the very last minute so that it’s still warm. Once spread with tzatziki, salmon paté and aubergine baba ganoush, you can cut it into different shapes. Presentation is key, so experiment with different shapes (squares, circles, triangles etc) and with different kinds of bread – sliced white, rye bread and even toasted brioche. The possibilities are endless !

Drinks party top tip : toast thin slices of French stick. It’s so adaptable and goes perfectly with olive tapenade or herby fromage frais, and you can even pop your canapés under the grill for a few minutes to give them a delicious golden crust !