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Constant innovation: the Ingenio detachable handle

If you like anything that makes your life easier, then you’ll love the Ingenio detachable handle. Never heard of it? It’s a highly practical and durable pan handle that you can clip on or off as required. Whether you’re sautéing, frying, simmering, browning or boiling, it’s all you need!


Ingenious Ingenio

You long remained unconvinced by the idea of a pan handle that clips on and off –worried about the pan tipping over or the handle breaking. But the Ingenio system has made you change your mind! Your pans go from hob to oven in a jiffy, and then straight to the table! Sturdy, durable and extremely user-friendly, the Ingenio system is the perfect solution for anyone who loves cooking but lacks storage space. Say goodbye forever to pan-handle pandemonium in your cupboards!

The Ingenio range is so sturdy and durable, that its detachable handle system comes with a 10-year Tefal guarantee. Add to that a whole range of highly practical accessories, from pasta inserts to glass lids, and your imagination will know no bounds!