Color up your juices

Thanks to the cold press method of the Infiny Juice, you’ll discover the pleasure of drinking juice that’s vibrantly coloured and full of goodness. Get the Color Attitude and do yourself good by drinking fruit and vegetable combinations packed with vitamins and minerals that get you off to a good start.

Vitamins, minerals and a regular rainbow in your kitchen!

Did you know? Each colour is associated with specific benefits for your body! Of course, we all know how great freshly-squeezed orange juice is for stocking up on vitamin C. And thanks to your Infiny Juice and its cold press mechanism, you can now add carrots, for a vitamin-packed mixture that’s sure to put you in a good mood each morning.

To inject some colour into your life, let your imagination go wild! After a heavy meal, the best thing is to give your stomach a rest. Armed with all your favourite green vegetables (spinach, curly kale, cucumber, broccoli etc.) and your Infiny Juice, you can help your body out. The cold press method ensures a result that is 100% healthy and delicious. Just don’t forget to add a dash of ginger or lemon!

And if you open the fridge and find some beetroot, celery and soft fruit, you have everything you need to start the day in superhero mode! After all, what could be better than giving your body a boost with a cold-pressed juice packed with both vitamins and flavour?  An experience to be repeated, for a daily dose of pure goodness!