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Cocktails as good as the barman’s!

You love organising dinner parties for your friends, and your latest project is a cocktail evening where the drinks are both colourful and perfectly balanced. All you need are a few basic utensils and ingredients, and you can let your imagination run wild!


Signature cocktails that your guests will love

Any cocktail deserving of the name requires a few basic utensils, such as a muddler (or pestle), a shaker and a measure. And don’t forget to keep a supply of the basic ingredients to hand: different types of alcohol*, as well as fizzy water, a variety of fruit juices, and a bottle of sugarcane syrup.

Do a few ‘dry’ (or not so dry!) runs to ensure that you get the quantities just right, starting with any of the huge variety of fruit cocktails or ‘mocktails’. Experiment with Virgin Mojitos, for example – the timeless classic of alcohol-free cocktails. And while your shaker will often come in handy, don’t overdo it. Most cocktails can be prepared directly in the glass, especially when you’re just starting out!

There’s an almost infinite number of cocktail recipes to choose from. Start with those that require just a few ingredients and don’t forget the presentation! Opt for fresh fruit rather than paper decorations, so that you can put your own stamp on your creations. And watch out, because depending on the season and the kind of meal or evening that you’ve planned, you may need to keep your cocktails on the lighter side. Most importantly, make sure you get the quantities right so that they don’t end up too sickly. Remember: when it comes to cocktails, less is more!

* Alcohol abuse is detrimental to your health. Enjoy responsibly.