Chocolate addict: when chocolate makes your mouth water

Go on, admit it – you don’t just like chocolate, you love it! You simply can’t get through the day without eating some, and every time you make a cake, in go the chocolate chips! So it’s no great surprise that your favourite dessert is… chocolate mousse. You’re a chocolate addict and proud of it! And as it turns out, you’re quite right because chocolate contains lots of goodness. So stock up on the magnesium thanks to appliances that you’ll love!


You’ll become famous for your chocolate mousse!

To indulge your passion for chocolate, you’ve discovered a formidable ally – Cuisine Companion from Tefal. And, while it’s incredibly practical for making nearly all your sweet and savoury dishes, you use it most for its ability to turn you into a chocolate mousse expert! And did you know that you can use the COOK4ME to make all your chocolate cakes? It does everything for you, allowing you to prepare your desserts in record time!

The great thing about chocolate is that it never goes out of season! You can eat it whenever you want. As it is, in desserts, on pancakes and waffles or for a fondue, any time is the right time! And even when you have no particular excuse, you can always make out that you need the magnesium – after all, no-one’s going to check!