Breakfast in the world


Breakfast: a bit of butter with your bread?

Bread and butter is one of the most popular breakfast combinations worldwide. However, it comes in many different forms, because while the butter part is fairly consistent, the type of bread varies widely as do the toppings and side-dishes. Read on to find out more.


Bread and butter around the world

Even within Europe, the traditional slice of buttered bread varies considerably from one country to another. In France, the ubiquitous baguette remains the star of breakfast time. Freshly-baked if possible, it’s eaten with unsalted or slightly-salted butter and jam. Meanwhile, the British are addicted to their toasters! The toast is buttered while still hot and served with baked beans, eggs and/or sausages and bacon. Instead of using butter, the Spanish rub their bread with a clove of garlic then drizzle it with olive oil, salt and tomato pulp. And finally, the Italians eat light at breakfast time and above all love the delicious smell of hot coffee, freshly prepared using a coffee maker.

In the US, people tend to alternate between pancakes with melted butter and toast with peanut butter, while the inhabitants of North Africa love their mini-pancakes stuffed with butter, cheese or jam. It’s in Asian countries that people traditionally eat a full meal for breakfast, consisting of rice, vegetables, fruit, tofu and fish.