Breakfast in the world

Breakfast around the world: some things you just can’t do without

While breakfasts  vary wildly between different cultures, some ingredients come up again and again. Whether breakfast is a savoury or a sweet affair, the similarities abound whether you’re in the heart of Tokyo or a suburb of New York.

Breakfast around the world some things you just can’t do without

The essentials – tea, coffee and bread!

Tea or coffee and sliced bread are the common ingredients of most breakfasts around the world. With or without milk and sugar, tea and coffee are the definite frontrunners. While the bread served alongside can take many forms – freshly-baked baguette, toast, wafers or pancakes are served with spreads, garnishes, or covered in sweet or savoury ingredients.

In the same vein, jam seems to be much-loved wherever you go, despite some fierce competition from things like chutney, which is often served with savoury dishes in countries like India and Morocco. And how could we forget Marmite and Vegemite – the spread that everyone in Britain, Australia and New Zealand seems to either love or hate! One thing they all agree on, though, is that you have to have eaten it as a child to appreciate the unusual, salty taste!

Finally, dairy products are also breakfast favourites. Depending on where you live, they’re consumed either as milk with cereal, as butter on bread or toast, or as cheese, yoghurt and fromage blanc. It’s only in certain Asian countries that dairy products aren’t popular as a start to the day.