Breakfast in the world

Breakfast around the world: some like it sweet!

When it comes to breakfast,  there are no hard and fast rules. While you love your cereal, your other half likes their toast and your best friend swears by their scrambled eggs. In some countries, almost anything goes nowadays – but one thing remains constant. While some like it savoury, others prefer to start their day on a sweet note. Read on to find out more. dv1978014

A sweet start to the day

Where would the French be without their croissants and baguette, served with butter and jam? And yet, contrary to what one might think, in many countries people tend to start their day with something savoury rather than sweet. And in others, such as the USA and Britain, people choose… to not choose! Pancakes, muffins, marmalade and cornflakes can often be found happily nestled next to the bacon and eggs!

The southern European countries, on the other hand, seem more sweet than savoury if their breakfasts are to be believed – bread rolls, jam, fruit and filled croissants are served with the ubiquitous coffee. Across most of Africa, people start the day with a piece of fruit and different kinds of porridge depending on the country.  And if pancakes are your thing, did you know that you can eat them in Morocco drizzled with olive oil, or in Sweden where they’re called Pannkakor and are traditionally eaten with jam or marmalade.

There’s no shortage of ideas for delicious yet balanced breakfasts to see you through the year. Try out some of the other countries’ specialities, and you’ll never get bored!