Destination Brazil!

Brazil is the host of this year’s World Cup, so what better time to discover Brazilian cuisine?!

You can’t have missed it – the host of this year’s World Cup is Brazil. Whether you’re a football fan or not, why not make the most of the occasion by discovering the joys of Brazilian cuisine?

Brazilian cuisine – delicious and diverse

There isn’t just one Brazilian cuisine but lots of them, with Brazil’s many diverse influences resulting in a subtle blend of European, African and Native American. The national dish of Brazil is the world-famous Feijoada, a simple but tasty combination of rice, pork and black beans. Just throw in some fresh herbs and paprika, leave to simmer, and let your kitchen overflow with the delicious aroma! Often compared with France’s pork and bean Cassoulet, a Brazilian Feijoada is sure to get everyone’s vote!


For the meat lovers among you, a Brazilian Churrasco – or traditional barbecue – is perfect for those World Cup evenings gathered around the TV. Considered something of an art in Brazil, this way of grilling meat will turn your barbecues into a local legend! For added authenticity, serve with Farofa – manioc flour fried in butter or oil. A hearty dish, for sure, but one that’s truly typical of Brazil. And don’t forget to end your meal with the authentic Brazilian dessert known as Paçoca – a rich, fudge-like sweet made with ground peanuts.