The best recipes for happy holidays

Celebrating the New Year is always a special time, especially when you can look forward to delicious traditional fayre, not to mention some original dishes to suit your tastes and those of the people you’ll be spending the evening with. To inspire you, here are a few ideas for recipes that are sure to be a hit with young and old alike.


Opt for several dishes, so that everyone’s happy

To ensure that you cater for everyone on this special evening, we recommend offering a variety of dishes. Little glasses or ‘verrines’ make the perfect containers, filled with lemon-marinated salmon, diced vegetables and dill, creamed lentils etc. The small servings will encourage each guest to try out new flavours. Now’s the time to put your mini-chopper to work!

For your main course, why not go for something original? Sweet and savoury combinations are now a must at dinner parties. Try oysters in green tea, soya milk with asparagus, crème brulée made with almond milk and chestnuts, or chicken kebabs in honey sauce. Make the most of seasonal vegetables to accompany your dishes and, here again, don’t forget to provide a variety. And why not get out your plancha to make the evening even more fun?

For dessert, if you’re not a born pastry cook, go for something simple and fun. Prepare a chocolate fondue that everyone is sure to love.