Back to school or college – right from the start, Tefal is there for you!

It’s back to school again! And if you’re starting college, you may also be moving into your own apartment for the very first time. To get the college year off to a good start, Tefal has thought of you. No more need to ransack your parents’ kitchen cupboards! You can now choose from a wide range of highly affordable kitchen equipment that will serve you well, day after day. Here’s a whistle-stop tour of some of the essentials.


You don’t have to break the bank to be well-equipped!

Efficient equipment that makes life easier, day in day out, is now accessible to all – even those of you on a tight budget. A filter coffee maker, a kettle for your morning tea plus some hard-wearing pans are just some of the house-warming gifts you could ask for. And because being young doesn’t mean you can’t like cooking, Tefal has developed cookware ranges like « Just » – frying pans, a wok, a sauté pan and even a stewpan, that allow you to cook whatever you like the way you like, without breaking the bank.

And even if you don’t necessarily like ironing shirts, trousers and skirts, you’ll want to stay looking smart without having to spend all your money on a top-notch iron. You can enjoy all the benefits of a light, user-friendly and efficient iron at a small price, and drastically reduce the amount of time you spend ironing while at the same time saving money. Your wallet will love you for it!