Tea - World Drink

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Around the world in a tea cup

Whatever the colour, tea has a huge fan base! An essential part of daily life all over the world, it brings people together and in some countries has even inspired special ceremonies and rituals. From green and black to flavoured and semi-fermented, come and join us on a discovery tour of tea!

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A shared pleasure – wherever you may be

Green tea (link to tea varieties article), black tea, white tea – they all travel the world for our enjoyment! The world’s leading producer of tea is of course China, followed by India, Kenya and Sri Lanka. While these countries all export a lot of their production – and in some cases, most of it – Turkey drinks nearly all of the tea that it produces. And who could imagine a trip to Istanbul without enjoying some of its mint tea sprinkled with pine-nuts?

While tea is transported to nearly every country in the world, Europe (especially the UK), Russia and the USA import particularly large quantities every year. On average, every person in the UK, Turkey and Iran drinks several kilos of tea per year. And around the world, some four million tonnes of tea are thought to be consumed annually! Whether with a dash of milk, some lemon, a biscuit, or simply to get the day off to a good start, tea adapts itself to everyone, whatever their tastes, habits and little eccentricities!

There is even the refined art of cooking with tea, with recipes such as raspberry and matcha cake (made with Japanese tea), and chicken with cinnamon and green tea.