5 second chopper: five seconds to chop it all!

Chop up all your favourite ingredients in five seconds flat! Thanks to the 5 Sec Chopper, you can forget wasting time on finely chopping your veg and discover the joy of using a single appliance for all your recipes. Easy to use and clean and always ready for action, the 5 Sec Chopper is a boon for any dish.

5 seconds Chopper

Nuts, vegetables, fresh herbs, meat – the 5 Sec Chopper saves you time and trouble.

Incredibly practical, the 5 Sec Chopper is entirely manual. Simply pull the handle for 5 seconds and it’s ready. Whether it’s chopped parsley for your stuffed tomatoes, finely sliced carrots, celery and turnips or ground nuts to put in a cake, you’ll get perfect results in just a few seconds and with zero effort.

Your 5 Sec Chopper is always at the ready!

Easy to clean and the perfect size for storing, your 5 Sec Chopper just loves being used! Fancy some guacamole? Get it to chop your onions, avocado and fresh herbs and even some tomatoes for decoration. With it’s 500 ml bowl, it’s ideally suited to all your everyday recipes. Want to chop your ingredients even more finely? Pull it a few more seconds and hey presto, it’s ready!

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