3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything

3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything : meat, fish and vegetables

Like any parent, you’d like your children to enjoy all kinds of foods and never be picky. But rest assured that it’s almost impossible to get your children to like absolutely everything. The main thing is to get them tasting as many different things as possible, as early as possible. From meat to fish to vegetables, here are a few ideas to ensure that your littl’uns (and even your big’uns !) enjoy eating lots of foods other than just baked beans and pasta !

3 ways kids eat everything

Creativity is the key to success

We can never say it enough – being creative in your cooking makes all the difference when you want your children to try out new foods. With meat and fish, try to take it slow – strong-flavoured meats and rubbery-textured seafood could simply put them off altogether ! To start with, choose foods that are both healthy and easy to eat. White meat, for example, has a fairly subtle flavour that children tend to like. While red meat should be cooked through, to avoid any of those bloody bits that most kids hate! When it comes to fish, buy fillets and make sure all the bones have been removed. Children often love prawns, mussels and other shellfish too, so long as they get the chance to taste them very early on.

As for vegetables, really go to town with the different shapes and colours. Carrot sticks, sweet potato chips, apple and celery mash, courgette spaghetti – anything goes ! You can serve your vegetables with pasta, grains or rice, and even throw in some mild spices and herbs (fresh herbs can be stored in the freezer all year round).