3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything

3 ways kids don't like 2

3 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything : Dishes they don’t like

You only have to mention certain foods to your children and it’s all-out war – spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, any other vegetable that looks a bit too green ! And yet, with a dash of imagination, a splash of colour and a few nifty tricks, you can create healthy, balanced dishes that will get them clamouring for more ! Here’s how…

3 ways kids don't like

Turn your kids into veg fanatics !

Most parents have no problem getting their children to finish dessert ! It’s when the veggies come out that things tend to go… pear-shaped. They start picking at their food, asking to leave the table, saying they’re not hungry anymore. So it almost drives you to despair when they then jump on the yoghurts and sweet stuff! But it doesn’t take much to change all that, because healthy eating can be fun. Green veg, for example, can be mixed with mashed potato or sweet potato or served in a little ramekin. A light sauce flavoured with mild spices and lemon can also work wonders.

Sometimes, it’s just the shape of the food that kids don’t like. You can use a biscuit cutter, serve the meal on different-coloured plates or (why not ?) cut your vegetables, grains, meat and fish into fun shapes and present them in bento boxes. You can bet they’ll be proud as punch to show off their lunchboxes to their classmates ! And finally, get them to help you with the cooking as much as possible. That way, they’ll see what goes into the different dishes, get to have a taste, and even help you invent new recipes. One thing that’s not advised, though, is trying to sneak in some Brussel sprouts by hiding them under a layer of peas and carrots – your kids are very unlikely to be fooled !