15 minutes flat

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15 minutes flat: quick and tasty meat dishes

You’ve just got in from work and your other half announces that a couple of friends are coming over for dinner! For a split second, you contemplate going back to the office just to avoid helping out with the cooking! What on Earth can you make in less than an hour and for that many people? Don’t panic! Here are a few ideas for quick and easy meat dishes that you can whip up in a flash…

15 minutes brochette

Be inventive and go for dishes that are both simple and fun

If there are lots of you, it’s best to go for something simple and fun such as an oil fondue, a plancha or a raclette. These continental specialities have everything you need – they’re super quick to prepare, hot and wholesome, and get everyone gathered around the table. If the sun’s out, you can do a barbecue – a simple marinade made with olive oil and a few herbs and spices will put those kebabs of yours centre stage. And even if the weather’s not good enough to go outdoors, you can always grill your meat inside – it’s sure to prove just as tasty!

If you prefer your meat cooked in sauce, here’s a clever little tip – use very small pieces. Really thin slices of beef or chicken will cook a lot quicker, ready for serving in something like a creamy mushroom sauce. If you’ve got some chops or cutlets in the fridge, then use those and go to town with the dressing! Served with lemon, spices such as paprika and curry, or simply with a dash of balsamic vinegar, they’ll wow your guests if you make sure they’re cooked to perfection!