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15 minutes flat: grains and vegetables in the blink of an eye

The phone rings – it’s your best friend popping over for lunch and there’s nothing ready! She’s vegetarian and loves any kind of vegetable or grain-based dish. Feeling uninspired? Then make a grab for your pressure cooker and follow our advice!

15 minutes red quinoa

Colour, variety and simplicity

A quarter of an hour gives you no time at all to start inventing new recipes or preparing complicated dishes that need to simmer in the oven all day! Keep it simple – first choose a grain and set it aside for cooking at the last minute. Pasta, rice, couscous, bulgur wheat, quinoa, the choice is endless! Then take some seasonal vegetables and pop them in the pressure cooker. Just be sure to choose vegetables with similar cooking times – not potatoes with courgettes, for instance, for very obvious reasons!

If you want to wow your friend, then go to town on the taste and presentation. Whip up a quick curry sauce using dried spices with soya or almond milk, then simmer in a frying pan or stew pan while the vegetables and grains are cooking. If you’ve gone for pasta, top with a quick classic such as Napolitana sauce, using tomatoes, onions and basil, then sprinkle with ground sesame seeds or cashew nuts. And for a quick injection of vitamins, nothing beats raw veg! A dish of courgette spaghetti served with lemon and olive oil, a Thai tofu salad drizzled with sesame oil, or a homemade carrot and beetroot juice will make perfect starters for your last-minute meal!