15 minutes flat

15 minutes flat: easy fish dishes – anything is possible!

Your mother-in-law has invited herself to lunch, and she’s just phoned to say she’ll be there in a few minutes… Not only do you have no time at all to prepare, but she’s even requested a fish dish because she’s really into fish at the moment! Suddenly, you find yourself with your head in the fridge, desperately searching for a solution. So here are a few quick and tasty recipes for fish lovers!

Fish 15

Dishes that are as tasty as they’re simple and effective

A quarter of an hour doesn’t leave you much time for preparation, so keep it simple! Go for recipes based on salmon steaks, that are really easy to cook and can even be cut into smaller pieces if you need to speed things up. And since it was your mother-in-law who gave you a wok for Christmas, why not use that? Stir-fry your fish in a little olive oil with some julienne vegetables or fresh spinach leaves.

If you have a grill or a plancha, how about making some fish kebabs? Soak your fish pieces in a homemade marinade of olive oil, lemon and dill, then grill and serve with saffron rice. And if you’re really pushed for time, why not go raw? Slice your salmon into thin strips and store in the fridge until it’s time to eat, then serve with a sauce made from olive oil, lemon and fresh, chopped coriander. Delicious!