The 10 Golden Rules for a Balanced Diet

Golden Rules for Healthy Eating #2: Spread your nutritional intake through the day

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In order to ensure a balanced diet, you need to divide your nutritional intake between carbs, fats and proteins in the following proportions – 50 to 55% carbs, 15% proteins and 30 to 35% fats. But if you find it hard to get it right, don’t panic! All you need to do is follow a few basic rules, to ensure that each of your meals is balanced and that you’re getting a bit of everything!


Healthy eating throughout the day

Don’t go reaching for the chocolate biscuits on the pretext that you need some carbs! It’s the slow-burning carbs that you need – brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal bread and so on. Make these a part of every meal, to ensure a constant supply of energy. Similarly, avoid the fast-burning carbs contained in fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and other sweet foods. Choose a piece of fruit instead – especially if you’re a bit peckish around 11am or mid-afternoon.
Even if you’re watching your figure, your body needs fats. Use olive oil, for example, to cook your meat and vegetables. You can even indulge in a plate of chips if you have an Actifry machine, which uses a single spoonful of oil to produce an entire bowl of light and crispy French fries!
And finally, don’t forget your proteins. You can get these from meat, eggs or fish, or in the form of vegetables proteins such as tofu, grains and pulses. Eating protein (link to golden rules #2) prevents you from feeling hungry and from grabbing the first cake or bag of crisps that you see!