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ActiFry : revolutionise your cooking habits!

Healthy and balanced eating made easy: revolutionise your cooking habits!

There’s never a better time than the New Year for resolving to eat healthily. Unfortunately, though, we don’t always have the time or inspiration to do so. So why not get this year off to a great start by testing the two-in-one cooking process, with the ActiFry 2 in 1?

Healthy eating can be delicious with the ActiFry 2in1

Why not join more than six million users worldwide? If you think that delicious healthy eating is mission impossible, you’re in for a surprise when you try the ActiFry 2 in 1. The idea is simple: not only does the ActiFry 2 in 1 cook your meat and your accompaniment at the same time, but it also does it healthily! A single spoonful of special ActiFry oil is enough to cook your entire meal.

Whether you want a sweet or savoury dish, you’ll never run out of delicious ideas. Not only will you rediscover the joy of eating chips and croquettes, you can also try some of our new, healthy recipes from all over the world, that will soon win over the entire family. Be creative with olive, peanut or even grapeseed oil, to make each dish a new discovery! Fish, meat and all the vegetables you can think of will now be on the menu, and you’ll even be able to make your favourite sweet treats in a healthy way!