Limescale has always been your worst enemy during ironing: your iron becomes less efficient and wears out faster and you can no longer get a perfectly smooth shirt without creases. But worry not, help is at hand. Tefal has invented an exclusive system, the Calc Collector, which collects limescale in your iron and steam generator and guarantees long-lasting steam performance.


Tefal innovates to effectively fight limescale

Did you know? An iron clogged up by the limescale that occurs naturally in water produces less steam: the benefits of ironing are lost, and you can wave goodbye to perfect results! To ensure that your ironing goes smoothly, the Calc Collector system collects limescale directly within your iron or steam generator. The collector can be removed, making it easy to clean. This system guarantees long-lasting performance of your appliance.


Your steam generator will never let you down! Remove the collector in no time at all and wave goodbye to limescale. Even the smallest particles are collected: you will find no trace of limescale in your iron. Gone are the troubles of reduced steam power: ironing is easier, saving you time and giving you peace of mind.


Every year, the magic of Christmas works thanks to all the moments that you will share with your family and loved ones. This year, with the Christmas Advent calendar, Tefal wants to accompany you and share some hints and tips that you can use all year long! Each day, open a new box to find inspiration for Christmas time.


Have a look at some tips and be inspired!

Tip 1: Want to succeed with all your Christmas recipes?

The entire family is coming round for Christmas and you’re afraid that you’ll get their favourite dishes wrong? Why not enjoy complete peace of mind with the Tefal Cuisine Companion? You are no longer alone in the kitchen. It helps you to make everything in a flash, from the starter to the dessert. Never before have you been so efficient and enjoyed the pleasure of cooking so much!

Tip 2: Want to enjoy special moments with your kids? 

Take time and invite them to help you in the kitchen. Make small cakes that they can decorate, fruit on skewers that they can assemble and, above all, have fun! Weigh, measure and prepare together: the time will fly by!

Tip 3: Want the perfect gift for a lover of french fries?

The Actifry is the perfect gift! With less than 3% fat, french fries are crispy, light and have never been so healthy! A convincing argument for a guilt-free treat and you can discover a variety of different recipes, such as delicious fries prepared with sweet potatoes.

Tip 4: Want to find the perfect iron for a gift?

Is your mother or sister always struggling with her iron? Does she complain about not having the right iron when she does the ironing? Why not get her to complete this short test to find out which iron is best suited to her?


Don’t miss your daily date with our advent calendar!



What is better than a family Christmas meal? To get the magic to work, traditional dishes are invited to join our table. We present ten essential Christmas dishes from around the world.

France: dishes prepared with scallops

Scallops take pride of place in France as starters served in their shells, but also lightly fried with some herbs and butter. A tradition that is a hit with the entire family!

Portugal: Bacalhau Cozido delights the entire family

Traditionally, Christmas dinner is the opportunity to savour a serving of Bacalhau Cozido (cod prepared with potatoes and cabbage). And those with a sweet tooth love the thirteen desserts, a treat for young and old alike.

United States: traditional dishes that vary for each state

In the United States, traditional dishes generally differ from one state to another. However, some recipes are popular everywhere, such as delicious apple pies which very often from part of the meal, served with vanilla ice-cream and plenty of cinnamon!

Romania: a traditional, warming soup for the entire family

The traditional Christmas soup is called Ciorba de Perisoare and mainly comprises meatballs, rice and eggs cooked in stock. The perfect way to start a meal!

Mexico: Chiles en Nogada is a must for every celebration

It’s the colours in particular that make it so traditional: Chiles de Nogada recalls the colours of the Mexican flag. This dish, served at Christmas, comprises a roast and stuffed peppers covered with a walnut sauce and accompanied with pomegranate seeds.

China: a large variety of dishes throughout the meal

In China, a festive meal is characterised by a very large number of different dishes. Very little rice is served. Instead, preference is given to dishes that are not normally eaten during the year Recipes prepared with meat and fish, but also Chinese fondue.

Italia: the famous and truly delicious Panettone


In Italy, it is impossible to imagine a Christmas meal without the famous and truly delicious Panettone. Whether it is filled with cream, candied fruit or chocolate, it is always part of the festivities on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

New Zealand: Pavlova is integral to the party!

With Christmas falling in the middle of summer in New Zealand, light and fresh dishes are the order of the day. Therefore Pavlova, a meringue served with whipped cream and seasonal fruit, is always a welcome guest at the Christmas table!

Germany: Stollen is a delight for those with a sweet tooth

At the end of the Christmas meal, young and old alike enjoy savouring a portion of Stollen. This cake made with dried fruit and filled with almond cream is also covered with icing sugar. Delicious!

Switzerland: Chinese fondue given pride of place!

It may be surprising, but Chinese fondue is chosen by many families for their Christmas meal. This friendly dish allows each person to select their own ingredients and sauces and to share a moment together.


When a talented TV chef uses his fame to advocate balanced, healthy eating, things start to change. In short, Jamie Oliver has started a healthy eating revolution! Thanks to his campaigns including Food Revolution Day, his website and book Everyday Super Food, Britain’s most famous chef is gradually changing the way people think about the food they eat and getting them back to homemade dishes based on simple ingredients that the whole family can enjoy together.


Healthy eating from an early age

What has Jamie been campaigning for over the past 10 years? For children to learn about healthy eating and to have fun cooking delicious, balanced food with their families and for schools to provide meals that are adapted to their needs. Alongside Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jamie openly criticised the quality of food served in British school canteens on his TV show Jamie’s School Dinners a reality show that revealed the shockingly unhealthy meals served to children in a south London school.

Food Revolution Day: a call to families to get cooking together

Launched by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in Britain and the US, and by the Good Foundation in Australia, Food Revolution Day calls on children and parents to learn to have fun cooking together using healthy ingredients. Jamie says: “My wish is to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.” Food Revolution Day is about celebrating good, fresh, real food cooked from scratch and to encourage people from all over the world to learn and share their knowledge with each other about food, where it comes from and how to cook it.

Cooking made easier with the Jamie Oliver by Tefal range

Jamie’s partnership with Tefal can help take these cooking skills even further the range of quality non-stick pans makes it easy for anyone to cook up amazing, healthy food in their own kitchen.

Want to know more? Find out how to get involved with Food Revolution Day, check out the Jamie Oliver by Tefal range and head over to the Jamie Oliver website for recipes, inspiration, nutrition advice and more. 


If you are looking for an appliance that is 100% user-friendly and lets you fulfil all your family’s desires, you’re going to love the Plancha des Saveurs! Practical, versatile and extremely powerful, it allows you to grill meat, fish, shellfish and vegetables in next to no time.

plancha des saveurs tefal

Invite your family and friends round for a home-cooked meal!

One of the main advantages of the Plancha des Saveurs is that you can bring all the food to the table so that everyone can enjoy it. Reduce preparation time and discover the magic of marinades. Your vegetables and shellfish will taste delicious after 30 minutes of marinating in olive oil and herbs.  And thanks to the adjustable thermostat, you can’t go wrong with the cooking: would you like your meat rare, medium or well done? The choice is yours!

plancha des saveurs tefal

Your Plancha des Saveurs will become an absolute must.

Elegant and easy to transport and tidy away, you’ll never be without your plancha. It brings a modern touch to your worktop and if you decide to store it away, it takes up very little space.

And if you’re still looking for another reason to give or receive a Plancha des Saveurs as a gift, just think that you can eat kebabs even in the middle of winter: a little taste of the summer holidays, even if the sun isn’t out!

plancha des saveurs tefal



Whatever your age, a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables will give you energy as well as the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Thanks to Color Therapy, the use of your juice extractor no longer holds any secrets from you. So, you have perfectly mastered fruit juices? Now try them combined with vegetables, to bring you even more goodness!


Fruit and vegetable juices, true magic potions

Carrot: you already know that the colour orange forms an essential part of your cooking. This is down to using oranges full of vitamin C, as well as carrots. Carrot juice is an excellent source of vitamin A, and above all, it is easy to digest. It provides vitamins B, C, D, E, G, and K while simplifying digestion, and is also consumed for the potassium and sodium it contains.

Beetroot: adds its radiant colour to all your juices, but does much more than that. It is recommended that you drink it regularly, particularly for its beneficial effects on red blood cells.

Celeriac juice: in addition to a delicious taste which blends perfectly with carrots, it is recommended for its sodium content and its alcalising function.

Cucumber juice: an excellent diuretic, it is also perfect in all types of juices thanks to its water content. It can be combined with numerous fruits. Try cucumber-kiwi juice, for example!

Spinach juice: one of the stars of health juices. You can combine it with carrot, but also apple and/or kiwi. It is recommended when you want to cleanse your body and help it to restart, or as a springtime cure, for example.

Thanks to your juices, you can combine healthy cooking with creativity, while benefiting every day from the nutritional benefits of fresh, seasonal foods full of goodness. Say yes to Color Therapy!


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