Amongst your friends, is it always you who gives advice on how to tidy things away, save time, eat better, etc.? As a fount of ideas, it’s you people come to when they want to know how to organise or invent something. Well, this autumn, Tefal turns 60 and would like to invite you to put your creativity to good use.



“Your top Tips”: the site that allows you to share your best advice

Join us in the 60 year celebrations and give us your tips. Sign up on the “Your Top Tips” site and share your precious advice, be it on doing the laundry, beauty or cooking, or any other topics that are important to you. In the form of text, photos or videos, your tips will inspire other Internet users: the tips appreciated the most will win prizes.

Have a look to some tips and be inspired!



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Try your luck: gift vouchers and a range of Tefal products are up for grabs, depending on what country you’re in! It would be a shame not to share your tips and tricks!


Iconic chef Jamie Oliver draws inspiration from around the world to create recipes that are both delicious and inventive while remaining loyal to their origins. A passionate globe-trotter, Jamie embraces herbs, spices and traditional ingredients from the countries he visits to bring the whole world straight to our dinner tables!

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Discover exotic flavours

Whether you fancy an epic pad Thai from Asia, a delicately-flavoured traditional tajine from North Africa, or succulent linguine prepared the Italian way, Jamie invites you and your family to gather around dishes inspired by the traditions and flavours of the countries they were born of.

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Veg, spices and herbs – the perfect mix

The mix of vibrant colours and fresh ingredients in Jamie’s cooking keeps children’s taste buds happy, while helping all the family to enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Delicious vegetarian recipes from around the globe, such as this Mexican omelette, champion fresh, seasonal ingredients that not only taste amazing but are also good for us.

He shows you how to cook using fresh vegetables, fruits and grains, all the while adding a dash of colour and originality that takes you on a voyage of the senses you’ll want to repeat again and again.

Want to cook your Jamie Oliver recipes to perfection? Discover the Jamie Oliver ranges of fry and stew pans.


You love your Snack Collection so much that you’ll find any excuse to make sweets and savouries, from dawn ’til dusk. With the help of a single, compact and extremely easy-to-use appliance, plus your 16 plate sets, you can make waffles, paninis, toasted sandwiches, French toast, pancakes – you name it! Already familiar with the 12 existing plates? Here are four new ones not to be missed!

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Whether it’s for a quick snack, brunch or breakfast, your Snack Collection® is your constant companion.

And your highly practical Snack Collection has just acquired four new plates, for making bagels, biscuits, mini French madeleines and mini cakes. We know how you love to keep up with the latest food trends – that’s why we’ve expanded the range of plates on offer. Now you can make rainbow bagels, savoury cocktail cakes, deliciously crunchy biscuits and irresistibly melt-in-the-mouth madeleines for your kids’ snacks. The plates can be changed in a flash, while their non-stick coating ensures your cakes turn out perfectly moist and golden.

Keep up with all the latest food trends with four additions to your Snack Collection®


You’ll simply love collecting the very latest Snack Collection® sets, each of which contains plates plus a recipe book, for endless recipes such as savoury bagels for those quick-fire lunches or spiced mini-madeleines to serve with your pre-dinner drinks. Dishwasher safe, your plates pop back into their box until you’re next ready to use them.

To find out more, watch the Snack Collection video:


With the complete OptiGrill range, you will finally be able to serve your guests perfectly grilled meat with zero effort! From rare to well-cooked, the whole family will love the results because, whatever the thickness of your meat or the number of portions, OptiGrill guarantees perfect outdoor barbecues and endlessly festive dinners.

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The perfect grill – it’s not just possible, now it’s easy!

You’ve invited everyone round for dinner but each person likes their meat cooked differently! Don’t panic – with OptiGrill, you have the situation well in hand. Forgot all those long lonely hours trying to get one steak well-cooked and another rare. With six automatic programmes, your grilled meat will be delicious and perfectly tailored to your guests’ tastes. But the real bonus? You can enjoy the moment! And now, thanks to the OptiGrill+ manual mode with its 4 temperature levels, you can even keep things warm or lightly grill certain foods such as fruit and vegetables. The cooking level indicator means you’ll never get it wrong again!

The new programmes on the OptiGrill+ allow you to cook even more types of food, such as shellfish, bacon, pork and so on, to perfection.

Thanks to these new programmes, your OptiGrill+ will become your best friend for all your family meals and dinner parties. Cater for up to eight guests at a time using your OptiGrill+ XL! With a grilling surface 33% bigger than that of the OptiGrill+, you can cook for more people.  Which means less toing and froing, and more time to enjoy the meal with your guests. And your meat and fish grills will turn out so perfectly that they’ll all want to come back again and again!


What could be better than a Brazilian meal to celebrate the Rio Summer Olympics in style? Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck for ideas because there are hundreds of different dishes to choose from. Invite all your loved ones round for an colourful meal that you can end with all kinds of games.

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Prepare your Brazilian specialities the night before

As a starter, why not opt for Pao de Queijo – a cheesy bread that can be served with a fresh vegetable salad. The kids will love munching on it! For the main course, Brazil’s world-famous Feijoada is a must, unless you prefer something lighter such as Vatapà – a dish based on fish and tomato sauce. For dessert, what could be more delicious and melt-in-the-mouth than a Quindim? It’s a kind of coconut flan that they’ll all adore. And if you want a meal that’s alcohol free while retaining the festive spirit, prepare your own Caipirinhas using sparkling water, cane sugar and fresh limes.

Games and quizzes to get you in the mood

Intersperse your Brazilian meal with games for all ages – sports questions for the more intellectual and mini Olympics for the rest. In the garden, what could be easier to organise than a series of relays with an egg and spoon, a sack race, a three-legged race or even a croquet competition? Get some T-shirts with each team’s colours, some chocolate medals and rewards in the form of sweets and the day is sure to fly by!


Chop up all your favourite ingredients in five seconds flat! Thanks to the 5 Sec Chopper, you can forget wasting time on finely chopping your veg and discover the joy of using a single appliance for all your recipes. Easy to use and clean and always ready for action, the 5 Sec Chopper is a boon for any dish.

5 seconds Chopper

Nuts, vegetables, fresh herbs, meat – the 5 Sec Chopper saves you time and trouble.

Incredibly practical, the 5 Sec Chopper is entirely manual. Simply pull the handle for 5 seconds and it’s ready. Whether it’s chopped parsley for your stuffed tomatoes, finely sliced carrots, celery and turnips or ground nuts to put in a cake, you’ll get perfect results in just a few seconds and with zero effort.

Your 5 Sec Chopper is always at the ready!

Easy to clean and the perfect size for storing, your 5 Sec Chopper just loves being used! Fancy some guacamole? Get it to chop your onions, avocado and fresh herbs and even some tomatoes for decoration. With it’s 500 ml bowl, it’s ideally suited to all your everyday recipes. Want to chop your ingredients even more finely? Pull it a few more seconds and hey presto, it’s ready!

To find out more, watch the video:


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